On Sunday morning, I was faced with a situation all of us in this industry fear the most; a confirmed breach. Unlike many breaches, I was not made aware of this one thanks to a call from Brian Krebs. Instead, I became acutely aware of my predicament when preparing some…

It was a typical Tuesday morning many years ago. I’d arrived at the office shortly after the person who’d turned on the lights on our floor, I turned them back off again so as my eyes need not adjust so much, but was promptly overruled by the next person in.

I was pleasantly surprised a couple of years ago to learn that the ‘Digital Forensic Diaries’ series has made its way onto a couple of college reading lists, so every year around this time (folks going back to college), I’ve decided to make them free for anyone to download on Kindle. This also applies to Pen Test Diaries, and Blue Team Diaries. You can find all Kindle versions on my Amazon page here:

Note that you do not need a Kindle to read Kindle books.

Hopefully, this is one less expense, and helps contribute in some small way to new folks learning the field!

I have a lot of ‘good’ ideas that come to me at random hours, so naturally, when those ideas come to me, I register a domain because I need a place for my billion-dollar startup to live.

These domains proceed to sit there, and rot for years. I’ve decided to…

Enjoy the opening chapter of Pen Test Diaries: Insecurity Culture. Learn more about the Pen Test Diaries series, and how to read on, here: https://mybook.to/shellshocked

Shellshocked: Chapter One

I’d been arriving at the park and ride progressively earlier each day for the past month. It was currently a slither past…

Enjoy the opening chapter of Pen Test Diaries: Insecurity Culture. Learn more about the Pen Test Diaries series, and how to read on, here: https://www.pentestdiaries.com/

Pen Test Diaries Cover

Insecurity Culture: Chapter One

The reward for completing a two-hundred-mile cross country drive with origins at four in the morning, other than my KFC Zinger…

I was thinking the other day, the majority of the chatter between security professionals and security vendors on the Internet is overly negative. I myself, have been guilty of giving vendors a hard time over the years. …

I’m super excited to reveal the first installment in a new series of short stories, the Blue Team Diaries. As you can probably guess, the focus is on the Blue Team — the team responsible for monitoring and environment for security problems and responding accordingly.

To create these stories, I’ve…

I’ve spent the best part of the last 10 years triaging Bug Bounty reports that are submitted to the various cloud service providers that I’ve been charged with defending. I’ve also submitted a number of Bug Bounty reports over the years.

With these dual perspectives in mind, I wanted to…

T’was the night before the breach, when all through the Slack, not a creature was stirring, not even the alerts channel that was yet to be dialed back.

The employee health questionaries were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that HIPAA would not apply there.

The security team…

Mike Sheward

Information security professional specializing in SecOps, IR and Digital Forensics. Author of the Digital Forensic Diaries, and now, the Pen Test Diaries.

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